HELP Summer Camp

About HELP’s Summer Program

Started more than 40 years ago the HELP Summer Program offers services to hundreds of children and young adults between the ages of 3 and 22 whose needs cannot be met through a typical summer camp experience. Behavior disorders, medical conditions, and severe developmental delays are addressed by trained and experienced staff in an adapted facility. During the summer months away from school, a lack of stimulation and structure for children with disabilities can result in regression, loss of progress in development, and place overwhelming demands on families. Our program serves some of the most medically fragile and behaviorally challenged children in the Greater Cleveland area with approximately 70% of participants coming from households living below the poverty line. There are no other summer programs in Northeast Ohio that accept, or are equipped to serve, this unique population.

Provider Information

(216) 432-4810
26900 Euclid Avenue, OH 44132