Independence Day Clothing

ID Clothing was started with a mission to help people with autism and specifically those with sensory integration disorders. But we also wanted to build a company known for products that make people feel special in the skin they are in!

After designing ID clothing with reversible and personal tracking features we realized that lots of people, not only those with autism, needed and were tirelessly searching for clothing with these special “perks”. ID Clothing solves a problem that not only the special needs community has – cutting out the hassles of getting dressed! Everyone can appreciate spending a little less time getting dressed, and a little more time getting on with their day! The benefits of our reversible clothing can make a huge difference in a person with special needs’ self esteem and self reliance. But it can also simply help a teenager with time managment or a parent get both of their rambunctious twins dressed in record time. So we saw an opportunity to join these wonderful people of all different walks of life into a community that shows that we are all special and at times we all need a little help. The REVERSE NATION is a community where everyone can be comfortable with who they are and their “special” needs, no matter the stigma that may go along with it. So if our clothing makes you feel and look good and serves a purpose for your special needs–Let us know it! You’d be surprised to know you are not alone.

Provider Information
Marie Assante