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Insight Academy is a K-12 private school and behavioral clinic located initially in Westlake, Ohio, now headquartered in Berea. We offer full-day, half-day, and hourly programs utilizing a customized curriculum that uniquely fits our student population. Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and psychiatric services are also available.

At the academy, highly trained staff assist students in all areas of behavior and education. Our evidence-based techniques and data-driven methodology target individuals and support their behavioral, emotional, and social development. Students receive traditional large-group instruction and small-group instruction. We strive to make programs individualized and create educational content accessible to them, utilizing both an academic curriculum that meets state standards and an evidence-based behavioral and social-emotional curriculum.

Based on behavior analytic research, we collect data in real-time on each student we serve to create dynamic intervention programming that will identify and focus on the learner’s specific problem areas. This process creates transparency for the practitioners, the learner’s family, and the school personnel who support them. Our short-term goal is to build positive social-emotional skills and eliminate interfering behaviors. Our long-term goal is to provide our learners with the solutions to allow them to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Jeremy D. Meduri founded Insight in 2019 to create a space where students could trust practitioners, build positive relationships, and develop other life-affirming skills such as emotion regulation, socially appropriate behavior, psychological flexibility, and other interpersonal skills. The initial vision for Insight was to teach students the skills required to successfully transition back to their home district and, ultimately, to continue as active participants in their community. Now, the mission is to provide authentic treatment so students can thrive in all manners of their lives. Insight is a unique and collaborative behavior analytic approach to therapy.

Behavior Consulting

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Jeremy Meduri
842 Corporate Way, Suite 830 Westlake, OH 44145