Integrated Community Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Community Solutions was born from founder Lisa Morrison’s desire to ensure that her three adult children with a developmental disability (DD) had a safe, inclusive, meaningful life after she was no longer around. She knew that gone are the days when individuals who have DD have to live with family their whole lives. Her children were telling her that they wanted everything out of life and to grow to be independent.

So she set out to create a neurodiverse setting where residents would know they are safe and have the supports they need to live the inclusive and independent lives they desire on their own terms. They will enjoy a community of friends at home while also experiencing fulfilling and meaningful daily lives in the community.

Integrated Community Solutions’ model was developed from research and best practices in communities around the U.S. where individuals who have DD thrive in settings that optimize their individual initiative, autonomy, and independence in making life choices. The ICS setting will facilitate choice regarding services and supports that individuals need to live as independently as possible. Residents will choose and self-direct the people who will provide their daily living supports paid through their waiver funding.

Adults with DD will be supported to have opportunities to seek employment, engage in community life, control personal resources, and choose their daily schedules. The staff will enhance all of this by encouraging friendships and socialization, helping to organize activities, and ensuring a safe and well-maintained setting.

Provider Information
2315 Sharon Copley Road Medina, OH 44256