Kent State University- Career and Community Studies (CCS)

Career Community Studies offers three program options. One option is a four-year, college-based, transition, non-degree program to prepare students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism for adult life through academic pursuits, peer socialization and career discovery and preparation. This holistic approach prepares students for adult life and for competitive entry level positions in a career of student choosing.

The second option is a non-degree CCS Two-Year Employment Readiness program to help students develop job skills to prepare for competitive entry level jobs.

The third option is a non-degree CCS Two-Year College Preparation program for the student with intellectual and developmental disabilities or autism who wants to prepare for a degree program. Students in this two-year program will build academic skills and have opportunities to understand the demands of a degree program and how to best prepare for it.

The program integrates inclusive classes, a typical college experience, and a transition curriculum to assist students in achieving adult roles and a quality of life in a community of their choosing. Students can attend if they have graduated or exited from high school at the time first semester begins. Accepting 10-12 new students every fall for a capacity of 45-50 students in the program. Applications accepted each Fall for the following academic year. Students in the CCS program take a combination of individualized CCS courses, inclusive Kent State courses specific to career choice and personal interests. In addition to courses, students will have 1170-1260 hours of work experience in practicum/internship opportunities. Peer mentors provide academic, social, career, and independent living support and guidance to enrich the college experience. Extracurricular activities include joining a club of choice, going to college sports events, working out at the Student Health and Wellness Center, and much more. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credits in order to graduate. Students receive a Record of Completion and official transcript of courses taken. Inclusive on-campus housing is available. CCS students are KSU students with all of the priveleges, experiences, and responsibilities that come with being a college student.

Provider Information
Dr. Vonnie Michali
150 Terrace Drive,218 White Hall,Kent,OH