Key Ministry Foundation

Ministries to families affected by disabilities can begin in a variety of ways. For some churches, enthusiastic volunteers feel called to start an outreach. In other churches, church staff notice one or two families affected by disabilities and don’t know how to help. Sometimes parents of children with disabilities feel called to assist with planning ministry. In all of these examples, lots of prayer, along with solid training, will help to create a firm foundation.

Training is one of Key Ministry’s primary quotproducts.quot We are staffed with professionals from a variety of fields, including special education, psychology and counseling. Our experience allows us to provide a wealth of information to church staff and volunteers.

We believe that the ongoing support and consultation we provide make our ministry unique. Just as each child has unique needs, each church will have unique challenges in supporting families affected by disabilities. We want to walk with you as you seek to include these families in your church.

Provider Information
Beth Golick, Operations Director
P.O. Box 26109,Cleveland,OH