KODA Camp Ohio

The Only Deaf-Owned and Operated KODA Camp in Ohio.

Eligibility: Hearing children, age 7 to 17, who have deaf parents or
grandparents. If KODA Camper has a deaf brother or sister, the deaf
camper is eligible but must be age between 7 and 17 and
accompany with KODA sibling to camp.

KODA Campers who live outside of Ohio are welcome!!

KODA Camp is run by Deron Emmons, Deaf, the original founder of Ohiorsquos
KODA Camp in 2000. Deron is a Licensed Social Worker and has over 24
years of experience working with Deaf, Hard of Hearing and KODA/CODA.

This camp is for hearing children who have deaf parents and/or
grandparents. Kids Of Deaf Adults (KODAs) have the experience of living
in the Deaf World and the Hearing World. This camp is an opportunity for
KODAs to meet new friends, share their stories, share their values and
insights, develop life skills to prevent alcohol and drug use, develop
leadership skills by participating in team-building activities and much more!

Provider Information
Deron Emmons