Literacy Purpose,

Literacy Purpose, LLC is an educational training and therapy provider located in Northeast, Ohio. We educate schools and individuals in structured literacy and the science of reading. With our nationally accredited training program, our purpose is to train school teachers and staff in the essential elements of reading instruction and remediation, dyslexia, and Orton-Gillingham structured language methodology.

We are Literacy Purpose, LLC, specializing in structured literacy teacher training, coaching, and professional development. We partner with educators to enhance literacy outcomes and provide tailored educational therapy for students, enabling each learner to unlock their full potential.

We provide nationally accredited structured literacy training to districts, schools, teachers, and other individuals in the field of education. This multifaceted training equips educators with essential strategies and fundamental tools for literacy instruction, as well as a focused understanding and awareness of reading development and difficulties.

We also provide specialized, multisensory, research-based instruction and intervention therapy to individuals. Our prescriptive and diagnostic therapy sessions are provided by certified and licensed therapists utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading and language instruction.

Educate, inform, train, coach, support, advocate and everything in between

We have a team of dedicated providers that are certified in Orton-Gillingham Structured Literacy. They work independently with students to deliver expert language therapy sessions, either in person or remotely.

Provider Information
Heather Galbraith
Northeast Ohio