Musical Fingers

Mission Statement:

It has been found that most people give up playing an instrument after a few years. Why?

Because the love and motivation to play grows STALE and can eventually DISAPPEAR!

MUSICAL FINGERS’ philosophy of teaching music is a marriage of psychology, music therapy
and modern music pedagogy. It is rooted in 3 beliefs:
The motivation to succeed at anything is best born of a natural love for it. No individual naturally hates music.

To cultivate life-long love in music, music experience must always be fun and inspiring.

Music has no barriers. Every individual is capable of creating and experiencing music. MUSICAL FINGERS believes that no one is too young, too old or too disabled to experience the joy of music or learn to play an instrument.

Music is therapy and transforms DIS-ability into ABILITY. Music therapy research has demonstrated that skills such as attention span, gross/fine motor dexterity, strength, and cognitive development can be significantly and positively impacted by music.


MUSICAL FINGERS is committed to creating POSITIVE, FUN and SUCCESSFUL musical experiences that motivate every individual to develop a strong musical foundation leading to a LIFE-LONG love of music.

Unique musical activities are created for each individual to provide concrete understanding of music,
musical elements and instrument pedagogy.

Unique to MUSICAL FINGERS is the goal of developing an individual’s non-musical skills such as increased attention span, problem solving, self-esteem, patience and focus, as a result of learning an instrument.

A natural style of learning is encouraged and fostered bearing in mind that no two individuals learn the same way.

Some are visual learners, other may be auditory learners, and still others a combination of the two.

Some individuals like the visual-impaired have highly developed tactile senses. However you or your child learns,

MUSICAL FINGERS will teach music in a way that takes advantage of every person’s unique learning style.

A multi-cultural dimension is the other unique facet of MUSICAL FINGERS. Students are encouraged to broaden their musical education by exploring music from other cultures such as lively Irish jigs and tangos from Spain!

Provider Information
Kitrael Chin
n/a,Greater Cleveland,OH