MyChild at Cerebral Palsy Organization


MyChild™’s aim is to offer information about cerebral palsy, connect individuals with helpful resources, as well as offer unlimited support. It’s not the journey you expected, that’s a given. But, at times we find it pretty amazing, nonetheless. Come join us, today!

Our Mission

We strive, every day, to be the ultimate resource for everything cerebral palsy. We provide information, resources, support and unlimited inspiration to all those touched by cerebral palsy, and other neurological conditions.

Our Vision

To provide those touched by cerebral palsy with the most compassionate voice, the most comprehensive resource, and the ultimate industry support network.

Our Values

We believe strongly in the values of compassion, service and support. We strive to implement these values through our work every day.

Provider Information

41850 West 11 Mile Road #121, Novi,Michigan 48375