National Youth Advocate Program

NYAP has served children, youth and families in Ohio since 1978.  In keeping with our philosophy of holistically caring for people, NYAP Ohio serves communities with the following programs through multiple regional offices located throughout the state.


National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP).  We have a non-negotiable commitment to do what is best for children, youth and their families and have an abiding faith that every person has an innate ability to learn, grow and develop. We provide opportunities and resources to youth and families through our innovative programs and services, and we strongly support and offer guidance to our dedicated foster parents. We work hard to build community support and advocate with public agencies and officials on behalf of youth and families. We are united by our humanity and enriched by our diversity and are committed to supporting and protecting youth and families and to strengthening the communities we are proud to serve. We are NYAP.

NYAP has provided cost effective, community based services and support to children, youth and families since 1978. We offer flexible, creative, outcome-based solutions to meet the unique needs of the communities we serve and the individual needs of the youth and families involved in our programs and services.

Since our beginnings as a two person office in Van Wert, Ohio, we have watched the child welfare community evolve from being almost singularly focused on working with children identified as abused, neglected, dependent or delinquent, to the philosophy we have embraced since 1978; that the primary focus must be holistically placed on preserving and unifying families and strengthening the communities they call home.

This strongly validates the core values of NYAP’s founder, Dr. Mubarak Awad, in 1978 and of everyone associated with NYAP today. Thanks to creative and innovative programs and services, we have the flexibility to tailor our services to meet the needs of the agencies we partner with and the children and families we serve.

Provider Information

1-877-692-7226 1-844-OHIO-KAN