Neighborhood Solutions, Inc.

Mission Statement: To use innovative educational and entrepreneurial strategies to encourage, prepare and assist at-risk youth, veterans, and those returning – or who have returned – to neighborhoods after incarceration in creating greener, healthier and wealthier places to live, work, and raise families.

Neighborhood Solutions Inc. is a 501 C (3) formed in 2004 to provide educational services directed at varied populations on multiple topics the organization’s efforts are focused on promoting and improving the communication, dissemination and use of information and knowledge for the benefit of the general public in the areas of literacy, employment and entrepreneurial skills – in both residential and non residential settings – and to conduct activities consistent with such purposes. All activities of the organization have in common the goal of stabilizing communities via enhancing the economic well-being of the individuals and families it seeks to serve.

Currently our prime focus is on community revitalization by re-purposing vacant lots for urban farming projects, such as the establishment of vineyards, orchards and other income-producing green endeavors.

A second focus is on peer mentoring for prisoners and those about to reenter society from a period of incarceration. While the “cradle-to-prison pipeline” is well-known in inner-city communities, our goal is to create a “prison-to-work pipeline” for formerly incarcerated persons.

Provider Information
Mansfield S. Frazier, Executive Director
6600 Hough Ave.,Cleveland,OH