Notre Dame College Thrive Learning Center

The Thrive Learning Center’s mission is to provide personalized support
and services exceeding those required by law, to degree seeking
students with documented disabilities for academic and career success.
Typical documented disabilities and learning differences include ADHD,
dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning
disabilities/disorders, mental health diagnoses, health related
diagnoses, and disorders of executive functioning. At the Thrive Learning
Center students are not seen as a student with a disability, but a college
student with abilities. Through our fee-based services including
academic tutoring, progress and academic accommodation support,
support for emotional wellness and career readiness, students discover
that bright futures begin here.

Services offered:
• an individualized and confidential approach
• designated testing area
• academic and testing accommodation determination
• assistive technology coaching
• unlimited content/course specific tutoring by degreed professionals
• weekly check-ups of progress including executive functioning supports
• academic advising
• priority course registration
• accommodated testing coordination
• college success seminars
• social and volunteer experiences
• liaison with student support services, such as residence life, counseling, and
student engagement
• designated “Chill Spot” relaxation room
• advising for majors and career success
• career counseling and job search assistance

• resume and internship preparation
• coordination with OOD state services to enhance career outcomes

Students with documented diagnoses who have are looking for an enhanced support
program that goes above and beyond ADA and Section 504 requirements, may apply
to receive services through the Thrive Learning Center. The Thrive Learning Center is
an additional fee-based program. Financial aid and scholarships may be available to
qualified students. Student and family admission visits are welcomed and highly
To become part of the Thrive Learning Center, students must meet the same
admissions requirements as all other students seeking admission to Notre Dame
College. Students must also apply to the Thrive Learning Center and provide
documentation of their diagnosis including how their diagnosis affects their access
to education and learning.

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Provider Information
Denise Brown-Triolo, Ph.D., Director
4545 College Road,South Euclid,OH