Ohio Department of Education (ODE's) Office for Exceptional Children (OEC)- Autism Scholarship Program

Autism Scholarship Program

The Autism Scholarship Program (ASP) was created to provide an alternative to an autistic childrsquos current public education. The intent of the program is to create choice, outside of the public education system. The scholarship is designed to provide special education services to approved students during the Ohio school year. The typical school year runs from the end of August to the early part of the month of June. The scholarship funding must be used to address the August through June school year.

Some students may qualify for services over a 12 month period if their childrsquos individualized education program (IEP) has extended school year services indicated or if the IEP has been written with effective dates of 12 months. Please note that the ASP cannot be used for summer services only.

The amount of each scholarship to provide special education and/or related services that implement the childrsquos IEP is the lesser of two amounts:
▪ The fee charged for the child by the ASP provider(s) or
▪ $20,000 per school year.

The scholarship is for students between ages 3 and 21 who have been identified by their resident public district as autistic. Although preschool students are identified as having a nonspecific disability, they too can qualify for the program. Students who have been identified as having a quotpervasive developmental disorderquot (PDD-NOS) also qualify for the program.

Without exception, all students require a current, finalized and agreed upon IEP from their resident district. The resident district is responsible for reviewing the IEP at least on an annual basis.

Provider Information
JoHannah Ward
877- 644-6338
25 S. Front St.,MS 203,Columbus,OH