PEP Early Childhood Plus

PEP Early Childhood Plus provides consultation, training and support to enhance the capacities of all caregivers working directly with young children presenting significant social, emotional, behavioral and/or developmental challenges. Through Early Childhood Plus, PEP builds skills and competencies in the adults who care for and nurture young children, thus helping the children themselves find success. PEP Early Childhood Plus provides the following services:

Child Care Consultation (also known as Day Care Plus) provides consultation services and technical assistance to child care providers, and support for families with children experiencing difficulties in the child care setting.

Community-Based Consultation is an Early Childhood Mental Health service that provides mental health consultation, education and training to families, caregivers and professionals working with children with social emotional and behavioral challenges.

In-District Parent Training Support provides small group training for parents of preschool and kindergarten-age children with special needs who are experiencing difficulties in the home and community settings.

Professional Development Training (A Race to the Top Early Childhood Mental Health Early Learning Challenge Grant) helps early childhood professionals gain access to coordinated professional development opportunities and on-going supports that build their knowledge, competencies and skills for working with young children.

Provider Information
Claudia Lann Valore
3100 Euclid Avenue C,Cleveland,OH