Polaris Speech and Neurological Rehabilitation

Bringing Speech, Language, Cognition, and Swallow services to your home to support your journey with Neurological Disease

We specialize in Neurological Rehabilitation where you and your family are at the center of our care. Your plan of care will be created with you to best reach your personal goals. We offer multiple options for you and your loved ones to participate in speech, language, cognition and swallowing services.

We believe in providing effective and evidence-based evaluation and therapeutic interventions. Our therapist has chosen to be certified in and provide the following programming due to the sound theory and research behind these rehabilitation programs.

  • Evaluation
  • In-person Individual Therapy
  • Telehealth Group or Individual Therapy

Specialized Programs

SPEAK OUT!reg LOUD Crowdreg -We offer a two-part speech therapy program to help individuals with Parkinsonrsquos regain and maintain effective communication: SPEAK OUT!reg followed by The LOUD Crowdreg.

McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program- We offer intensive, exercise-based therapy for swallow deficits to improve the ease and safety while eating and drinking.

Standardized Assessment– In order to best assess strengths or gather a baseline status, we offer standardized assessments in speech, language, and cognition.

Provider Information
Amy Larocca, MA, CCC-SLP
PO Box 834,Twinsburg,OH