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Family Advocacy is provided to the person with mental illness and their family. It includes a variety of clinical services including initial assessment, understanding and developing short term and long term goals of the client and the family, developing a professional therapeutic with the client, educating the client and family about mental illness, coordinating care, accessing other services and benefits, and helping to provide peace of mind to the client and the family. Each PLAN client regularly meets with his Family Advocate.

COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT THERAPY (CET) CET is an evidence-based, treatment program for those individuals whose symptoms of mental illness cause significant impairments, particularly with work, education and social life. Based on research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, CET addresses problems in neuro-cognition (thinking problems) and social cognition (the ability to act wisely in social situations). CET is a 15 month long program, offered in a weekly group which includes computer exercises to improve attention, memory and problem solving skills, along with a psychotherapy group that shares strategies on topics such as cognitive flexibility, perspective taking, medications, and adjustment to disability.


Our Holistic Recovery Program is a wide range of activities that are offered to help PLAN members meet new people, practice social skills, become active and involved, and try new activities. There are ongoing and seasonal activities that encourage physical health and exercise, creative arts, volunteering, and just, plain fun, while promoting social connections.


Work, paid and volunteer, part or full time, is valued at PLAN. PLAN supports the range of options with the benefits of structuring time, providing social opportunities, adding to self worth and identity, and earning money, even for one receiving disability benefits. PLAN has an award winning Volunteers Program. PLAN members volunteer at the PLAN office and for other non-profits throughout the community, with the support, guidance and encouragement of their Family Advocate. PLAN has a Family Advocate in the role of vocational counselor, helping members assess their vocational strengths and barriers and counseling to support this important realm.

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