Rose-Mary Center

Established in October 1922, Rose-Mary Center began serving children with physically handicapping conditions such as polio and cerebral palsy. Due to advances in medicine and changing community needs, Rose-Mary revised its mission in 1967 to serve children with intellectual disabilities. Again in 1989, Rose-Mary Center’s mission was further expanded to include adults with intellectual disabilities when it opened its first community group home. Today, Rose-Mary Center operates one facility in Euclid, OH with forty school-aged children young adults, and seven community group homes that are home to fifty-one adults throughout Cuyahoga County. More information about Rose-Mary Center can be found throughout the website. Thank you for your interest in Rose-Mary Center.

In keeping with its rich Catholic heritage and under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Rose-Mary Center expresses its mission by providing residential services and other programs and supports which meet the need of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. The Center participates in shaping policies and professional standards which promote quality of life for those served. In delivering its services Rose-Mary Center seeks excellence inspired by the innate value and unique gifts of all individuals.

At Rose-Mary Center, we aim to provide the best care for the children and adults with intellectual disabilities that we serve. We offer a residential based treatment program with structured individual plans that address activities of daily living, behavior management, mobility and sensory needs, social skills, communication, gross motor, and fine motor training.

Provider Information
Gina Kerman, Executive Director
2346 West 114th,Cleveland,OH