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Helping You Protect and Preserve Assets for the Future
Are you concerned about receiving disability benefits? Do you want to pass assets to a disabled child without compromising his or her eligibility for government assistance? With proper disability planning, you can help ensure that you receive and maintain the benefits you need, as well as protect and preserve assets for future generations.

Disability planning is about more than just receiving Medicaid or Social Security Disability. It involves organizing a variety of county, state, federal and other benefits for yourself, your spouse and your children. At Solomon, Steiner Peck, Ltd., we handle all aspects of disability planning from obtaining VA benefits and planning special needs trusts, to preserving assets from a personal injury settlement.

If you would like to discuss your legal options regarding disability planning, please contact our disability planning attorneys to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Disability Benefits
You should know all benefits that are available to you and understand their various purposes and structure. Once you possess this comprehensive insight, you can put together an effective disability plan for the future.

At Solomon, Steiner Peck, Ltd., we help clients understand the disability options available to them, the benefits of each option, and how to utilize them effectively.

Some of these options include:
Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
VA benefits
Long-term care insurance
Reverse mortgages
Long-term or short-term disability plans from your work or private insurance
We will thoroughly review your specific needs and help you form a disability plan that works best for your specific situation. This often includes gifting assets or setting up trusts so that you qualify for these benefits.

We also will assist you with planning for any disabled children — such as setting up a special needs trust — so you can pass down assets without compromising their benefit eligibility. In addition, we can help structure assets won in a personal injury settlement so that you can continue to receive disability benefits.

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