State Support Team 5 - Northeast Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center - Niles

State Support Team Region 5

The team supports district and school leadership teams as they implement the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP), and works in concert with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to facilitate school improvement efforts in the region. The team also provides universal access through the website and information dissemination.

To support parents and families, the team provides technical assistance relating to state and federal education initiatives, laws and regulations answers questions about and provides resources for special education provides assistance to parents and districts involved in potentially contentious special education issues and offers parent learning activities and parent surrogate training.

State Support Team Region 5 (SSTR5) provides supports and services in the areas of school improvement, special education, early learning and school readiness, secondary transition, and parent and family assistance.

(SST 5)

Provider Information
7320 W. Palmyra,Canfield,OH