Summer Programs at Lawrence Lower School

Ready, Set, Grow! will help Pre-K students build a strong foundation for a successful kindergarten experience. Teachers work with students to improve listening skills, fine motor skills and phonemic awareness.

Lions Leap helps students entering grades 1-6 (or repeating kindergarten) experience academic success and gain valuable organizational skills and strategies that can be carried into the new school year. Students will enrich academic skills in language arts, reading, written expression and mathematics. Organizational skills and strategies are embedded in the learning process. Curriculum is aligned to support requirements under the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Jump Start, which is for students entering grades 6-8, is geared towards children who may have struggled in school during the previous year and could benefit from a short-term, back-to-school readiness program. Jump Start aims to improve student skills for the upcoming academic year while also providing a place where children can make new friends and have fun engaging in hands-on activities, sports, art and more!

Lawrence School is pleased to offer PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson of UCLA during the summer of 2015. The eight-week PEERS program is designed to assist students in Grades 7 and 8 successfully navigate the social landscape through direct instruction in essential interpersonal skills. All of these individually taught skills combine to help students who struggle socially to make and keep friends.

Provider Information
1551 E. Wallings Road ,Broadview Heights,OH