Summit Academy Akron Elementary School

Summit Academy Akron Elementary is committed to meeting the special needs of our students. With a low student/teacher ratio, we are able to form a bond with each child and give them the attention they need to thrive in an educational environment.

Providing for the whole child
Our school realizes that it is important to give a child a well-rounded experience, which is why we have:

Monthly family nights
Positive Behavior Intervention System
Teacher/student mentoring program
Community garden
Basketball team
Engaging with children where they are developmentally
With two teachers in each classroom, a highly qualified intervention specialist and a high ranking teacher, our instructors can work more closely with the students to better monitor their progress and become familiar with how they learn. We have many highly qualified specialists on staff available to help the students including:

Behavior Specialist who is a licensed Social Worker
Building Literacy Coordinator
Building Math Coordinator
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist
Our team of instructors and specialists has been carefully crafted so that we can give the best education to our students, keeping their unique ways of learning in mind.

Summit Academyrsquos proven therapeutic academic program is designed to fulfill the academic, social, emotional, and physical requirements of students with special needs. The school is committed to providing an extraordinary, safe, and nurturing learning environment where students will reach their full potential.

Our vision for alternative learners
Summit Academy Schools provide a structured safe-haven for alternative learners. Compassionate teachers deliver highly specialized curriculum designed to engage children where they are developmentally. With a therapeutic approach, Summit Academy Schools are a non-profit that foster belonging and social acceptance for every child.

All Summit Academy Schools are tuition-free, non-profit community schools for alternative learners. They are specifically designed for students with AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and related disorders.

Provider Information
(330) 253-7441
2503 Leland Ave.,Akron ,OH