Summit Academy

Summit Academy Schools are for which population of students?
Summit Academy Schools are specifically designed for students with AD/HD, Asperger’s Syndrome and and related disorders. The majority of our students are on an Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Where are all your schools located?
For a complete listing, go to the tool bar and click on ldquoSchoolsrdquo for full contact information.

Do Summit Academy Schools charge tuition?
No. All our schools are free public community schools and non-profit 501(c(3).

What age levels do your schools serve?
5 to 22 years old.

What is the curriculum at Summit Academy?
Our curriculum is based on the Ohio Academic Content Standards, with strong emphasis on social skills to help students grow to their full potential.

What is your instructional model?
Our model uses the quotwhole childquot approach to identify the child’s academic, developmental and emotional levels. The therapeutic-based safe and nurturing learning environment addresses all facets of the child’s development. Group and individual counseling, social skills training, Therapeutic Martial Arts and behavioral principles based on ABA.

Low student to highly qualified teacher ratio in the classroom. Instruction is interactive and engaging. Therapeutic Martial Arts is one of the key components for improving social skills, self control, self confidence, respect, discipline and physical wellness. Summit Academy is a leader in integrating the latest instructional technology into classrooms and using web-based curriculum to enhance the learning of all students.

Provider Information
Frank Cheraso, Principal
268 N. State St.,Painesville,OH