SuperMoms Association

Our mission… To help make the lives of the worlds most EXTRAORDINARY mothers a little easier, as they care for the worlds most EXCEPTIONAL children!

SUPERMOMS ASSOCIATION (SMA) is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and support for mothers of special needs children. SMA adopted the term SUPERMOM to personalize the distinction such a mother has, because she is extra special in a myriad of wondrous ways. By distinguishing ourselves as an association, we use the power of connection and people who share a commonality and joint purpose. Additionally, through the leverage of SUPERMOMS ASSOCIATION, we are able to rally around these EXTRAORDINARY mothers and provide support and offer the family resources.

We endeavor to be difference makers by realizing how important it is for these mothers to maintain their health and well-being while caring for their children. Mothers served by SMA will receive a whole suite of services. These services were based upon observed and communicated needs of these mothers as they shared what factors contributed to them feeling overwhelmed with the gracious care of their child or children. The SMA organization realizes from personal experiences that in most cases, the mother is often the primary care giver of a child with extreme circumstances and this may become overwhelming at times. Therefore, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! SMA will provide an emotional support hotline where there are licensed councilors available 24 hours a day, hot food delivery (family style), grocery and prescription delivery, laundry pick up and drop off, maid and nanny services, and additionally transportation services are amongst the list of services SMA will provide.

Provider Information
Ebony Storrs
P.O. Box 17354,Euclid,OH