The Galvin Therapy Center

Our clinic team, building the bridge between research and clinical practice, offers screenings, multidisciplinary evaluations and treatment protocols for families with children with minimal to complex disruptions. Children served may struggle with developing appropriate engagement and play, self-regulation/behavior, sensory processing, eating/drinking, gross and fine motor, academic, language and communication, attention to task and social skills issues. Following an evaluation, goals and treatment interventions are established with caregiver collaboration.

Our model fosters family participation and immediate support services for families facing new diagnostic information, feeding issues, health crises and need for advocacy which may even be scheduled during their child’s treatment session. Treatment is determined by the child and family profile and goals are set with the family.

Our licensed transdisciplinary team consists of speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists (neuro, clinical, and educational), behavioral therapists, a physical therapist, social worker and tutor and a consulting infant/child psychiatrist

Provider Information
Barry Galvin
25221 Miles Road Suite F, Warrensville Hts, OH