The Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children

Mission & Philosophy

The primary mission of The Golden Key Center for Exceptional Children is to provide quality education and intervention services for children with developmental disabilities.

Our philosophy is that when students are provided quality educational and intervention services, they can progress to their highest potential. We accomplish this by providing a strong curriculum based upon the Common Core Standards and the Extended Common Core Standards. We also value the following components:

  • A strong partnership with families to help provide the best path to achieve a child’s full potential.
  • Collaboration and cooperation with existing programs, boards and organizations that also serve the special needs community to help ensure the best and most complete care, growth and opportunities for our students.
  • Implementation of research-based best practices and a fiscal responsibility in service to the community and the families we serve.

The Golden Key has a vision and goals that is aligned with our mission and philosophy.


  • To create a culture of trust, community and inclusiveness that encourages learning based on needs, experiences, and aspirations.
  • To provide a place of engagement, comfort, and acceptance to all students experiencing difficulties in the social norms.
  • To foster skilled professional staff that scaffold learning, utilize our community partners, and provide high quality resources and guidance for families.


  • Grow services to better serve the community.
  • Provide well-rounded curriculum to included life skills, content knowledge and health and safety.
  • Be a resource and advocate for parent education and support.
  • Provide advanced, training in evidence based practices to cultivate expertise in professional staff.


This pictures reflects the visions of The Golden Key along with the aspirations of those same values from The Golden Key staff.


Provider Information

(330) 493-4400
1431 30th Street NW Canton, Ohio 44709