The Nord Center

Child and Adolescent Services

There are numerous challenges facing families and growing children and adolescents within our community. Todayrsquos children require a tremendous amount of support to remain on a path toward realizing their potential. When children and adolescents have behavioral or emotional problems, their needs may surpass the supports available to them from their family and loved ones.

In a society focused on self sufficiency, it can be difficult for families to recognize and acknowledge when their child needs help. Identifying the problem early and seeking assistance immediately is extremely important and can make the difference between a child who overcomes a problem and one who is overcome by it.

To meet the behavioral health needs of school-aged children and adolescents in our community, The Nord Center offers assessment, counseling, and psychiatric services. The Nord Center is committed to intervening as soon as problems arise, so problems can be abated before they intensify.

The following options are available through The Nord Center and may be incorporated into your child or adolescent’s individualized service plan.

Provider Information

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