Thrive Tennis



At THRiVE, it is our mission to utilize tennis as a therapeutic model to positively impact the health and wellness of individuals and our community.  Our goal is to allow anyone to be able to enjoy and benefit physically and mentally from the sport of tennis.

We currently offer 5 programs:

For adult and youth with different abilities, we offer both ADAPTIVE TENNIS and WHEELCHAIR TENNIS programs.

HOMESCHOOLED children and teens can learn and continue to develop their tennis skills through the Homeschool Tennis Academy.

EMPOWER was created to teach life skills to men, women and children through fun and interactive programming.

Our PARKINSON’S PROGRAM is comprised of a 45 minute exercise session specifically designed to help rigidity, bradykinesia, coordination and balance, followed by 1 hour of tennis instruction and play.


Provider Information

1 Eagle Valley Ct., Broadview Heights, OH