Tranquil Path Financial Planning was founded with the idea that financial planning is a helping profession.

Our goal as a company is not just to help you grow richer. We approach money as a tool to help people and their families create lasting joy and fulfillment.


Disability and illness present a wide range of challenges for the people who are ill or disabled and those around them. Many of these difficulties are either financial or impede someone’s ability to work with financial professionals.

We help families of those with disabilities plan for their own financial future while advising on and integrating the work they are doing or have done with their estate planner, case manager, or other professionals.

Special needs planning isn’t just for families planning future needs for loved ones with disabilities; we also help adults dealing with mental or physical challenges. Whether this is mental illness, learning disabilities, neurodivergence, physical disabilities, or chronic disease, we navigate the ever-changing waters with you.

When working with individuals with disabilities or illnesses, potential government benefits are only a tiny piece of the puzzle. We also consider where else their disability or illness impacts their financial plan. Adults with chronic conditions frequently have challenges relating to topics such as insurance, career development, medical expenses, and cash flow. We have experience navigating these challenges with our clients and finding a less conventional path forward.

Provider Information
Britta A. Koepf
59 Marko Lane, Independence, Ohio 44131