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Visit Mickey knows traveling with a Special Needs family member(s) can be daunting, but it is also extraordinarily rewarding!  Let us take care of the planning, and you go have the FUN!  We know that Individual Special Needs can be visible or invisible and we are here to help!    

Q:  How does Disney help a family with Special Needs?
A:  It really will start with us.  Your agent at Visit Mickey will start by finding out your needs and advises you on your next steps.   Every individual may have different ‘needs’, so Disney works with each family, to provide the best services, to make the vacation Magical for the whole family.   This includes special accommodation rooms, supplies for room, DAS system, etc..   

Q:  What is DAS and how does it help my Special Needs family member?  
A:  DAS is a Disability Access Service – Your entire family will get their Magic Bands programmed, to show the DAS abilities, directly on the Bands.

If you have a ‘Special Need’ in your family, there are options for you! This applies to any person with Special Needs, whether it is a visible or invisible disability. If a family member has Autism, Down syndrome, CP, a heart condition, extreme social anxiety, etc, Disney has put a system in place to help.  You just go to Guest Services, they will ask you a series of questions and you explain your need.
Once it is determined you are eligible for the DAS Services, every member of your Party will need to have their Magic Bands scanned and the Lead Guest (the Guest for whom the DAS services are needed, will have their pic taken and tied to the Magic Band)

Then, go to attractions and they will assist you and explain when to come back for the attraction, minimizing your wait.  

The Service is issued for your entire stay at Disney* and works for your whole family.   You just arrive at an attraction, scan your Bands and advise when to return.  Then your entire party enters the Fast Pass line, or alternate entrance.   Think of it as a ‘place holder’ for the line.   You can be doing anything else, other than standing in line, then when it comes time to go back, just enter the shorter, easier way for your whole family.   This is especially good when you are dealing with an Anxiety Disorder.  

*If you refuse the picture for the pass, then the steps above would have to be done daily.

Q:  What if I cannot manage the long hours of walking at the Parks, but I don’t want to burden my family?
A:  Visit Mickey has a great relationship with a local business that supplies scooters, directly to your hotel.  They meet you at a designated time, show you how to use the scooter and then arrange a pick up time, at the end of your trip.   The cost is much better than renting daily at the Parks and you get to have it all day.   It works all day with an overnight charge!   PLUS…  they just announced they are providing scooters for Disney Cruise Lines!  

Q:  I want to spend a day or two at Universal, how will they help me?   
A:  Universal also has a pass, it’s called an Attraction Assistance Pass, and is the first step with Universal.

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