Vocational Resource Center Inc.

Vocational Resource Center offers a wide range of vocational rehabilitation services that caters to the special needs of the community.  Our outcomes continue to demonstrate a high level of job placements with entry level to advanced degree employment.  We are equipped to find consumers positions in any field from food service to clerical, from medical to scientific, from blue collar to white collar, the opportunities are endless! 


Job Coaching
VRC provides one on one job coaching to individuals
that need assistance with developing and learning work tasks, coping and organizational skills, strategies for task completion, implementation of accommodations, facilitating communication, developing natural supports, and consulting the employer regarding disability and job related issues. Coaching can be provided on-site or off-site.

Retention/ Follow Along
Follow along support is provided to the consumer and employer once a placement is made to ensure a successful job match.

Travel Training
A time limited training program to assist individuals in developing new skills in regards to utilizing public transportation. Upon completion of the program the individual will be able to independently utilize public transportation.

Personal Adjustment
Personal Adjustment is utilized to improve work related behaviors such as grooming and hygiene, interpersonal relationships, punctuality and attendance, ability to stay on task, communication skills and overall community integration in order to obtain and retain employment. 

Community Based Work Experience
Paid onsite work experience which can be utilized to introduce an individual to the world of work who may need to further develop specific job related skills, stamina or more appropriate work behaviors.

Customized Employment
Customized Employment focuses on identifying the unique characteristics and interests of the job seeker and identifying or creating a position that would best suit the job seeker’s profile. The outcome of the service is an employment goal that represents the unique individual is identified and then the individual progresses to other employment.


Job Development and Placement

A variety of placement strategies are utilized to develop job sites with potential employers and placement. The individual’s interests, abilities, and strengths are considered in making a strong vocational match.

Job Seeking Skills Training

Individualized one on one Job seeking skills training is designed to assist individuals in developing and maintaining skills for independent job seeking. J

Vocational EvaluationSST includes interviewing training, work behaviors and employer expectations, mock interviews, disability issues including disclosure and the ADA, how to complete an application, resume development, cover letter development, job seeking strategies, and training on follow up.


A Vocational Evaluation is comprised of interest and aptitude testing along with a transferable skills analysis to assist in determining feasibility for employment as well as an identified vocational goal. ​

Situational Assessment

A Situational Assessment is utilized as a means to introduce an individual to an area of work, access employability, gain a better understanding of required work related skills, and to assess stamina and work behaviors. Greater insight is gathered while the individual gains work experience which is offered in a variety of locations.

Career Exploration

Individualized career exploration is provided to consumers to assess the consumer’s interests, work values, abilities, and job skills with the requirements of occupations including current local and national labor market information.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Provided to maximize the job search process, which includes an analysis of the consumers previous work history, the demand characteristics of those jobs, and the identification of similar jobs using the same skill sets.

Vocational Feasibility

Vocational Feasibility is the determination through an extensive file review and vocational testing as to the likelihood of a successful outcome in vocational rehabilitation and competitive employment given the consumer’s vocational barriers, restrictions, education, transferable skills, and the local labor market.

Community Based Work Adjustment

Community Based Word Adjustments are utilized to provide information on an individual’s aptitudes, abilities, behaviors, and preferences or to determine if a specific employment opportunity would be an acceptable match. The purpose of the service is to assess an individual’s strengths and needs and to make recommendations for future services.


Benefits Analysis
Benefits Analysis consists of educating and informing Social Security beneficiaries on how earnings from work will affect their benefits.  An initial interview with the individual to review existing benefits and determine potential employment income will be conducted.  A written report summarizing existing benefits of working and maximizing work incentives is presented to the referring counselor. 

Vocational Expert
Provides vocational evidence and impartial opinions with regards to disability determination and vocational feasibility at the state, federal, and private levels.

Provider Information
Melanie Frye