Western Reserve Counseling

Located in Painesville, Western Reserve Counseling Service is a non-profit social service agency serving surrounding communities in Lake County. We have been in existence since 1973.

Both crisis-oriented counseling and extended treatment are available to meet the needs of children, adolescents, adults, and families. Dependent upon the client’s need, counseling is provided individually or through group therapy. As a result of financial support we receive from various community partners, including the United Way of Lake County and the Lake ADAMHS Board, fees are charged according to a sliding scale based on income. Medicaid, Medicare, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

In keeping with the philosophy of recovery, it is WRCS’s philosophy that all individuals, regardless of their level of performance, can reach an effective level of functioning to insure happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

The main objectives of the Agency are:
To foster healthy families in providing better understanding of proper communication techniques, parenting techniques, and understanding of the concepts of commitment-responsibility and the acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions.

To reduce the individual levels of anxiety, depression and hostility, and to correct unacceptable levels of behavioral expression with acceptable functional levels of expression.

Western Reserve Counseling Service is governed by a volunteer oriented Board of Directors representing a diverse blend of community individuals, organizations and leaders. Vincent Pinto, the Executive Director, is directly responsible to the Board of Directors for the implementation of the policies and procedures of the Agency. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Vince, along with the Clinical Director, is responsible for the clinical peer supervision of the professional staff and oversees the quality assurance program of the Agency.

The clinical staff of Western Reserve Counseling Service minimally have Masters Degrees in specialized knowledge of human development and behavior, and knowledge of social, economic and cultural systems applied in assisting individuals, families and groups in clinical settings to improve or restore their capacity for social functioning utilizing counseling, psycho-social interventions and social psychotherapy. The philosophical schools of thought being Freudian, Gestalt, Reality Therapeutic, Rational-Emotive, Adlerian and Behavioral.

To ensure best practices, the staff of the Agency regularly attend continuing education workshops to keep up with appropriate and acceptable counseling skills and theoretical approaches. This is a continual process of further education.

Provider Information
Mark R. Ruth Executive Director
Victoria Place on the Park,One Victoria Square, Suite 105,Painesville,OH