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About Wild & Free OT, LLC

Wild & Free OT, LLC’s vision is to provide nature-based programming and make it inclusive and accessible to all children. There are many benefits of nature for children and adults including the following: increasing psychological and physical wellness of children and adults, influencing emotional and cognitive health well-being, engaging intentionally in nature through activities such as gardening is linked to decreased stress responses and increases in mood, participation in outdoor recreation activities is associated with perceived emotional well-being, increasing attention & decreased attentional fatigue, and increasing physical energy & vitality.

Nature-based programming provides sessions outside and reaps all the benefits of the great outdoors! It is child-led so that kids are having fun and improving skills in a natural environment. I am trained in the ConTiGO Approach (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) which is a practice model to guide nature-based occupational therapy intervention for children.

There is limited programming for children with and without disabilities in a nature-based setting, and Wild & Free OT is here to change that! Nature-based programming can provide children of all abilities with many benefits and keep them engaged and having fun at the same time!

Provider Information
Shannon Kerns
4374 Broadview Road, Richfield, 44286